Pension Amendments

Amendment No. 3 (2015) Temporarily change the amount of hours a Participant is able to work  

Amendment No. 4 (2015) Repiacement pages 32-34 and 38

Amendment No. 5 (2015) Restate exceptions to its suspension of benefit rules involving a return to service for certain periods during 2015-2017 

Amendment No. 6 (2015) Replacement pages 2, 3 and 3A


401k/Defined Contributions Amendments

Amendment No. 1 (2015) Roth 401k 

Amendment No. 2 (2015) Contributions 

Amendment No. 3 (2015) Hardship COBRA 


SUB Fund Amendments

No Amendments - Plan was restated May 1, 2017


Health Care Amendments

Amendment No. 1 (2015 Plan Doc) Retiree Coverage

Amendment No. 2 (2015 Plan Doc) Disability Payments

Please call ahead of time to schedule an appointment with whom you need to see.

The Benefit Office receives the negotiated contributions sent to us by your contractors or other Locals. These contributions are
what determine your eligibility for Health and Welfare and Retirement benefits. Each quarter that you work, you will receive a
statement from the Benefit Office with your hours worked and contributions received. It is important that you keep your check
stubs to make sure that all of your contributions are being reported correctly. In the event of an error or question,
please call the Fund office.

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